5 Proven Tips to Wipe Depression Out of Your Life!

Put An End To Depression


Feeling lonely?

We have all been there; lets face it, being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives.  Everyone gets depressed, its part of life.  It is that feeling when one fails an exam, gets rejected from someone they love or someone close passes away.

Depression can have more life long consequences than just loneliness.  Health, self-esteem and overall well-being are ways depression can affect your life and those around you.

These five proven tips can help you conquer depression and get back to your normal happy life!

Soak Up the Sun

Depression Tip 1: Soak Up the Sun

Not soaking up enough sunlight?

Not getting enough exposure to sunlight makes your body secrete a hormone called Melatonin.  This hormone lowers the body’s temperature and makes you feel tired and sluggish.  By doing this it triggers a depressed and/or lethargic feeling.

Having weather be such a key factor, it is highly common for people to be more depressed in the winter compared to other seasons.

Possible improvements:

Add more light to rooms.  More light means happier mood!
Get outdoors.  Do not stay cooped up inside, get out and exercise!

The sky’s the limit.


Depression Tip 2: Inspiration

Not keeping busy and feeling uninspired?

By doing things that you like and keeping busy, you will be more likely to overcome depression.  Do not let money be an issue; there are always things you can do that do not cost anything.  Find something you like and keep at it by setting goals.  Keeping a positive attitude about how difficult life can be will allow you to conquer anything.

Relax and Take a Break

Depression Tip 3: Relax and Take a Break

Not getting enough time to yourself?

Pull up a chair, sit back and relax, I mean it.  Everyone needs some time to just relax.  This allows our body to regenerate.  Listening to music, taking a nice warm bubble-bath or just taking a break from your stressful work life.

Health and Fitness

Depression Tip 4: Health and Fitness

Not eating healthy or staying fit?

Fight depression by avoiding foods with high levels of sugar, caffeine or alcohol.  Sugar and caffeine cause anxiety, stress, tension and internal problems; only giving you a short rush of energy.

Alcohol is considered a depressant and is the go to for people to “ drink away their problems”.  Unfortunately all they are do is adding fuel to the fire, making their depression worse.

Fitness should be a key part of our lives.  Exercising regularly keeps you in shape as well as releases Endorphins.   When you exercise your body releases these endorphins sometime referred to as “the happy chemical” which relieves stress and promotes a happier well-being.

Be Social

Depression Tip 5: Be Social

Not being social?

Get out and meet new people.  Sitting at home alone is only going to make your depression worse.  People are meant to interact with others and grow relationships.  Find something you have in common and use it as a stress release.  Spending time and completing worthwhile activities will help keep your mind off depression.  Become more intimate with people and how they feel.  Nothing is better than having someone you can talk to about your issues.

Do not forget, you are not alone and together we can all help fight depression!

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Written by: Doctor Depression – www.tipsaboutdepression.com

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